Margaret Tang, vice-president of the International Association of Female Artists, was born and raised in China. Her life has given her extensive experience in dealing with the cultural differences that inspire much of her work. She earned Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Arts degrees from Beijing Film Academy, a Master’s degree in Media Art at NYU, and a Master of Fine Arts degree in New Media Arts at the University of Minnesota. As an artist, she works in many different media  – including film, video installation, photography, sculpture, and performance art. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and collected by Korean Cultural Center in Beijing, as well as by many private collectors in the U.S. and China.  She has curated five art shows in China and two in the United States; and she has published one translated book, two catalogs, and many articles. She is currently vice-president of the Minnesota chapter of Women’s Caucus for Art and was recently named Executive Director of Education of US-CHINA CULTURAL MEDIA GROUP.


Matthew Sadler

Matthew is a visual artist and graphic designer living and working in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He received his BFA in studio art with a focus in drawing and painting from the University of Minnesota. His work explores his personal passage and navigation of physical environments and creates abstract mindscapes of line, shape and color.  

He has been appointed as the Art Director of US-CHINA CULTURAL MEDIA GROUP.


Becky Fillinger is US-CHINA CULTURAL MEDIA GROUP’s Director of Strategic Relations.  Her career has been varied spanning legal, technology and nonprofit associations.  Her passion is connecting people and organizations for mutually beneficial outcomes. 

She is currently serving on two boards – Federal Publications Seminars and the West Virginia Access Center for Higher Education.  Prior career positions include experience with Thomson Reuters, the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit,,, Digital Workplace Group and

She anticipates many more successful projects as our U.S. and China clients interact.  


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William Marshall
Associate Director of Communication